Inductive proximity sensor in cylindrical full metal housing (case + sensing face)

The high durability stainless steel sensing face provides more than 20 times longer protection against mechanical damage than conventional sensors. The high mineral oil and coolant resistance and the immunity against small metal chips on the surface make this sensor ideal for metal cutting or drilling applications.

  • Full body stainless steel housing for highest mechanical protection
  • Low frequency modulation for metal chip immunity
  • Flame retardant cable for high protection against welding spatter damage (pigtail models)

For oil resistant photoelectric sensors in stainless steel housings see the E3ZM-C.

Full metal face

Metal surface.jpg

E2FM extra strong sensing face

Tested durability

Tested durability with more than 20 times longer lifetime compared to conventional metal face inductive sensors.

Metal chip immune

Metal chip immune.jpg

No interference by small metal chips on sensing surface

Welding spatter immune

Welding spatter immune.jpg

Cable resistant to welding spatter

Cables & Accessories


XS2 Connector Cordsets with M12 watertight single-ended and extension cordsets.


XS3 Connector Cordsets with M8 single-ended and extension cordsets for reduced maintenance.


XS5C/XS5G-D418 IDC type connectors have been specially developed for fast and easy connection without any special tools.


IP69K Rated Sensor Connector Cordsets for Food, Beverage, Pharma applications
Performance comparison

Mechanical protection

Body – mechanical protection

Issue: The body of a sensor may be damaged if too high torque is applied to mounting nuts or from accidental mechanical damage and can result in water entry (via cracks or microcracks) or complete product breakage.
* Market standard: basic protection for IP67 under normal handling conditions
** Tested vibration and mechanical shock resistance and enhanced IP69k protection with our E2A in conditions with occasional higher vibrations, rough handling or cleaning
*** Additional tests with our special E2A under more demanding conditions with frequent vibrations, rough handling and frequent water sprays or cleaning

Sensing face – mechanical robustness

Issue: Sensing face damages can be caused by object impacts or frequent brushing. The results can be functional damage, sensing distance change or water entry.
* Market standard: basic mechanical protection for normal handling operations
** Tested enhanced robustness for our E2A line for occasional stronger impacts
*** Highest robustness with the E2FM steel sensing face for frequent heavy impacts

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