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Safety Services

Make your machines safe and compliant

There’s more to safety than CE Marking in the machine life cycle. Did you know that:

  • 44% of accidents that were safety control related were traced to the project specification stage - before the machine is delivered? (Source: HSE)
  • Even after the risk assessment, another 20% of safety control related accidents are caused as a result of user modification and production-line integration – after commissioning.

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Safety at every level

Buying a new machine is the start of a journey where all parties have certain expectations regarding safety. The picture then is clear since the machine builder and machine user have a clear idea about features, performance and the environment where the machine is installed and used.

During the machine life cycle in the operation phase there is a need to keep machines up to date in regards to performance and safety. Therefore modifications or updates on the machine are made that can have an impact on machine safety.

Therefore, machine safety is subject of a continous process.

Check which safety services we can offer you in each machine life cycle:

Design and engineeringBuildTestSelection and buyingInstallationCommissionUseModification - while in useNew build
Machine asset management program
Machinery Safety Health Check
Machinery CE Health Check
Machine Risk Assessment
Conceptual Safety Design
Formal CE Marking
Use of Work Equipment Directive
Safety Requirement Specification
Engineered Design Solution
ESPE Stop Time Testing
Performance Level
Validation and Verification
Supplementary Assessment
Electrical Safety Testing
Work Place Noise

Safety Services

How can you be certain that your machines are safe and compliant?

Safety of machines is not just a snapshot. It is a process that covers the entire machine lifecycle from planning to commissioning and operation including modification and maintenance.

Omron Safety Service supports each of the phases in the machine lifecyle with a tailored service module and helps to install or maintain a safety oriented culture in your company.

Keep your lost machine hours as low as possible

Machine safety consultancy

Even if your primary focus is prevention of injuries, there will always be lost machine hours in case of a hazardous event. We can help you to keep this as low as possible with regular asset checks.

Who are we?

Our team consists of fully qualified, third-party certified staff located across Europe. Our specialties are health and safety, functional safety engineering, machinery safety, technical consultancy, technical assessment, design engineering and project engineering and management.

Many of us have accreditation in electrical and mechanical engineering, hydraulics, pneumatics, and general health and safety. We know how to fulfil today’s legislative and regulatory requirements of machine safety.

How we can help you

  • Fulfil your legal obligations in machine safety
  • Assess, design and install  all the necessary safety solutions
  • Train your engineers in machine safety maintenance
  • Train your machine operators on any new safety functions, so the investment you make in safety today continues to pay a return for many years to come.

Global reach

Do you represent a small single-site enterprise? Or a multi-site global operation? Our safety services fit the needs of both. In our service we incorporate the needs of regional and international legislative compliance.

How you benefit

  1. Better productivity: New functional safety standards mean that machines do not always need to be shut down when access is required. We create safe control solutions using the latest safety techniques that sustain the highest safety level whilst reducing material wastage and restart delays.
  2. More efficiency: Machine safety is essentially about making the machine control itself, with as little intervention from the human operator as possible. This reduces the exposure to hazards.
  3. More return on investment: When a machine is made safer, its control system is simultaneously updated, which results in fewer maintenance problems and better fault-detection, especially with more complex machines.

Contact us for machine safety consultancy