Product solutions

We’ve combined our newest products in ways that come closer to your needs. Our products offer new solutions to challenging automation tasks and we’ve shared them with you in an effort to foster machine development and a higher level of performance.

Let our experience and success help you find the right solution for your automation needs.


Vibration Suppression

Handling liquids at high speeds? Need to suppress vibration in motion applications? See how the Sysmac NJ Machine Automation Controller manages.

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Cartesian robotic solution

With more & more consumer goods being produce; deployment of a XYZ-R Cartesian robot can help your business to cope with this increased demand.

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FH Track & Trace.jpg

A fully integrated track and trace solution

Our FH vision controller and database package has all the components needed to provide a programmable and flexible solution to create in-line track and trace infrastructure. Including a fully integrated visual interface that provides detailed diagnostics, user information and direct database communication. To ensure all measurement information is backed up.

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EtherNet/IP machine solution

Configuring a modern machine is no easy feat. As the demands for performance, reliability and connectivity grow, so does the complexity. Standards help address these issues, with Ethernet/IP becoming the one of choice for machine builders and end users alike.

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Safety solutions - For robust material handling machinery

Each year, more & more consumer goods are produced and robust material handling machinery like Palletizers helps to relieve workers in production from repetitive heavy manual labour. Protecting these workers is an important issue. Not only do our safety solutions help you to comply with all safety standards, they also improve Overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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