Reduce panel dimensions by up to 20%

When you downsize, you can:

  • Reduce transportation costs, thanks to the compact and lighter panel components.
  • Support machine builders with the possibility to downsize their overall facilities, equipment and panels.
  • Increase added value by providing more compact control panels.
  • Indirectly reduce the size of production lines to support multi-purpose and multi-speed production equipment.
  • Inject greater flexibility when re-arranging production lines due to additional free space within the panel.


  • Reduce panel dimensions by up to 20% - We provide a wide range of compact panel components to help reduce the total size of your panel by up to 20%.
  • Slim design with a minimum width of 6.2 mm - Using slim products creates space within the control panel. This provides greater flexibility to allow for design changes and component additions.
  • On-panel components with a maximum depth of 70 mm - Our short-bodied on-panel components use less space within the control panel, enabling it to be downsized.

Ideal for

  • Machine builders (OEMs)
  • Panel builders
  • End-users

Efficient panel engineering

CAD/CAE software is fast, efficient and indispensable these days. But even the best program can be limited by the database that powers it. That’s why we are introducing EPLAN and Zuken eCAD data for our main panel components and devices.

Developers can download a digital data record from our portal that contains all the essential data about a product in electronic format and can be used to seamlessly integrate the drawings (parts data), documents etc. contained within the data record into the CAD/CAE program.

Product data at the click of a button

With a digital database of component data you will save time, avoid errors and reduce your time-to-market. You can also download 2D & 3D CAD files via our efficient CAD library. Take a look at what’s possible.

More info?

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Benefits of our ready-to-use electronic parts data (efficient panel engineering)

  • Reduce registration work with our ready-to-use CAD drawings and wiring diagrams.
  • Reduce transcription errors with pre-defined component libraries.
  • Reduce wiring effort with efficient cable routing between connection points.
  • Save time with readily available datasheets.

Technical support

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