Chemical resistant inductive sensor in cylindrical PTFE housing

The E2FQ features a full-body fluoro plastic housing for chemical resistance (e.g. against cleaning agents used in the semiconductor industry).

  • Full body fluoro plastic housing for chemical resistance
  • DC 2-wire and DC 3-wire models

For fluoro plastic fiber optic sensors see the E32 Chemical resistant.

Cables & Accessories


XS2 Connector Cordsets with M12 watertight single-ended and extension cordsets.


XS3 Connector Cordsets with M8 single-ended and extension cordsets for reduced maintenance.


XS5C/XS5G-D418 IDC type connectors have been specially developed for fast and easy connection without any special tools.


IP69K Rated Sensor Connector Cordsets for Food, Beverage, Pharma applications
Performance comparison

Environmental resistance

Chemical resistance

Issue: Detergents and chemicals used for cleaning or during the manufacturing process may severely damage (corrode) the housings or sensing face of sensors. But apart from these consciously used chemicals, accidentally applied liquids (soft drinks with low pH values or sweat) can unintentionally damage the sensors
* Market standard: basic splash water protection for dry and protected machine environment.
** Tested enhanced high pressure water and saltwater spray protection with our E2A for open factory environment with occasional touching (sweat), cleaning or accidental liquid contact. The optional stainless steel housings may provide additional protection.
*** High and highest chemical resistance with our E2EH and E2FQ for frequent cleaning or intense and continuous chemical liquid contact.

Extreme temperatures

Issue: Continuously high or low temperatures exceeding the rated specifications quickly damage standard sensors. Suitable materials and/or product design are required for these applications.
* Market standard: normal ambient temperatures for operation and storage for standard factory environments.
** Specified extended operating temperature range down to -40°C with our E2A for machine operation in lower temperatures.
*** High temperature resistance up to 200°C with our E2EH and E2C for applications with high continuous temperatures.

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