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Compact non-contact door switch/flexible safety unit

RFID magnetic locking safety switches Magnetic latching combines with RFID technology to deliver high holding force and tamper resistance.

  • RFID provides a high degree of tamper resistance
  • Hygienic design – stainless steel versions are rated IP69K 
  • LEDs support easy fault diagnosis
  • Install up to 20 switches in series
  • Basic and Unique actuator types with type 4 coding 
  • Two switch sizes with multiple holding force options 
  • Three case materials Plastic, diecast metal, 316 stainless steel 
  • Up to PLe based on ISO 13849-1
Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information


Case material Holding force F1max (typical) Actuator type Cable configuration Order code
316 Stainless Steel (IP69K) 600 N Unique 5 m Cable D40ML-SS2-U-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-SS2-U-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-SS2-U-M12
Basic 5 m Cable D40ML-SS2-B-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-SS2-B-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-SS2-B-M12
950 N Unique 5 m Cable D40ML-SS1-U-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-SS1-U-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-SS1-U-M12
Basic 5 m Cable D40ML-SS1-B-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-SS1-B-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-SS1-B-M12
Plastic (IP67) 900 N Unique 5 m Cable D40ML-P2-U-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-P2-U-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-P2-U-M12
Basic 5 m Cable D40ML-P2-B-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-P2-B-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-P2-B-M12
1500 N Unique 5 m Cable D40ML-P1-U-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-P1-U-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-P1-U-M12
Basic 5 m Cable D40ML-P1-B-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-P1-B-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-P1-B-M12
Diecast Metal (IP67) 900 N Unique 5 m Cable D40ML-M2-U-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-M2-U-M12
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-M2-U-M12
Basic 5 m Cable D40ML-M2-B-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-M2-B-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-M2-B-M12
1500 N Unique 5 m Cable D40ML-M1-U-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-M1-U-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-M1-U-M12
Basic 5 m Cable D40ML-M1-B-5M
10 m Cable D40ML-M1-B-10M
Pigtail w/ M12 Connector D40ML-M1-B-M12

Spare Actuators

Product Description Order code
Stainless Steel; IP69K; 950 N; Basic Code; Actuator D40ML-SS1-B-ACT
Stainless Steel; IP69K 600 N; Basic Code; Actuator D40ML-SS2-B-ACT
Diecast Metal; IP67; 1500 N; Basic Code; Actuator D40ML-M1-B-ACT
Diecast Metal; IP67; 900 N; Basic Code; Actuator D40ML-M2-B-ACT
Plastic; IP67; 1500 N; Basic Code; Actuator D40ML-P1-B-ACT
Plastic; IP67; 900 N; Basic Code; Actuator D40ML-P2-B-ACT

Spare actuators are not available for uniquely coded switches.


Product Description Order code
Quick Disconnect Cable, 8-pin M12 to Flying Leads, PVC Jacket,
5 Meter Length
Quick Disconnect Cable, 8-pin M12 to Flying Leads, PVC Jacket,
10 Meter Length
  1. The quick disconnect cable has an identical cable pining as the switch wiring.
  2. Y92E-M12PURSH8S M-L disconnect cables are also compatible with D40ML.


Codes and Standards IEC 60947-5-3:2013, EN 60947-5-1:2004 + AC:2005 + A1:2009,
EN 60947-1:2007 + A1:2011, EN ISO 13849-1:2008 + AC:2009,
EN 62061:2005 + AC:2010 + A1:2013, ISO 14119:2013, UL508
Safety -Classification and
Reliability Data
Minimum Switched Current 10 VDC 1 mA
Dielectric Withstand 250 VAC
Insulation Resistance 100 MΩ
Shock Resistance 11 ms 30G
Vibration Resistance 10 to 55 Hz, 1 mm amplitude
Switching Distance Sao 1 mm Close; Sar 10 mm Open
Misalignment Between switch and actuator, 2 mm in any direction
Switching Frequency 1.0 Hz maximum
Response Time (On –> Off) 10 ms max.
Operating Time (Off –> On) 150 ms
Approach Speed 200 to 1000 mm/s
Body Material

D40ML-P_: Plastic

D40ML-M_: Diecast Metal

D40ML-SS_: 316 Stainless Steel

Actuator Seal: Silicone

Encapsulation: High Temperature Epoxy

Operating Temperature Range –25 to 40°C
Ambient Operating Humidity up to 90% at 25 ~ 40°C
Enclosure Protection

IP67 (Plastic or Diecast Metal)

IP69K (Stainless steel versions with flying leads)

Cable Type PVC 8 core, 6 mm outer diameter
Mounting Bolts 2 × M5 Tightening torque 1.0 Nm
Mounting Position Any
Power Supply 24 VDC ±10% (selv / pelv)
Power Consumption

Unlocked: 50 mA max.


  • Medium Duty 325 mA max.
  • Heavy Duty 500 mA max.
Holding Force

Medium Duty

  • Stainless Steel: F1max (typical) 600 N, Fzh
    A new test has been introduced with the coefficient 1.3. A device with a specified maximum holding force (Fzh) of 500 N needs to hold up a force test (F1max) at 650 N.
    According to the standard the locking force Fzhshould be stated for every guard locking switch.
    450 N
  • Plastic and Diecast: F1max (typical) 900 N, Fzh 675 N

Heavy Duty

  • Stainless Steel: F1max (typical) 950 N, Fzh 700 N
  • Plastic and Diecast: F1max (typical) 1500 N, Fzh1150 N
Max. Switched Current (Outputs) 200 mA (min. internal resistance 8.5 Ohms)
Auxiliary Signal +24 VDC (Door Open)
Characteristic Data according to EN ISO13849-1

PLe: If both channels are used in combination with a SIL3/PLe control device

Category: Cat. 4

MTTFd: 1100a

Diagnostic Coverage DC: 99% (high)

Number of operating days per year: dop = 365d

Number of operating hours per day: hop = 24h

B10d: Not mechanical parts implemented

Characteristic Data according to IEC62061
(used as a sub system)

Safety Integrity Level: SIL3

PFH (1/h): 4.77E-10 Corresponds to 4.8% of SIL3

PFD: 4.18E-05 Corresponds to 4.2% of SIL3

Proof Test Interval T1: 20a

Information with regard to UL508 Use LVLC or Class 2 supply. Type 1 enclosure.
Risk Time in accordance with EN 60947-5-3 150 ms (switching off delay at removal of actuator)
RF-Identification Frequency 125 kHz (according to ETSI EN 301 489 standard)

When the product use deviates from these assumptions (different load, operating frequency, etc.) the values must be adjusted accordingly.

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