Helping Line Equipment to develop more advanced machines

Watch the interview to see how, with our support, the implementation of our software and hardware solutions into their machines has enabled Line Equipment to bring more advanced products to market.

Line Equipment, established in 1989, design and manufacture Vertical Form Fill & Seal machines that are custom made to suit varied packaging requirements, be it granules, powders, liquids or solids across the food & beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

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Fast forward to discover more about:

  • 01:39 - The partnership with Omron
  • 01:57 - Implementing product into their machine
  • 02:33 - Ongoing working relationship
  • 03:14 - Support offered
  • 03:38 - Overcoming challenges
  • 04:40 - Tailored software solution
  • 04:56 - Benefits with working with Omron


Customer references

At Omron, we like to listen to our customers. We could spend all day listening to their needs  – it gives us ideas. And because we’ve been listening to our packaging machine customers for more than 20 years, you won’t be surprised that we’ve had quite a lot of good ideas.

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