Achieve low-cost measurements with an infrared thermosensor

This infrared thermosensor provides an accurate, stable and cost-effective way to measure the temperature of objects. It behaves just like a standard K-type thermocouple, which enables it to operate with any temperature controller or alarm unit.

  • Cost-effective infrared thermosensor
  • Contactless, meaning no deterioration, unlike thermocouples
  • 4 temperature ranges available: 10-70°C, 60-120°C, 115-165°C and 140-260°C
  • Response speed 300 ms
Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information

Appearance and sensing characteristics


Order code


10 to 70°C

ES1B 10-70C

60 to 120°C

ES1B 60-120C

115 to 165°C

ES1B 115-165C

140 to 260°C

ES1B 140-260C

Dimensions (unit: mm)




Power supply voltage

12/24 VDC

Current consumption

20 mA max.



±2% PV or ±2°C, whichever is larger


±4% PV or ±4°C, whichever is larger


±6% PV or ±6°C, whichever is larger


±8% PV or ±8°C, whichever is larger


±1% PV or ±1°C, whichever is larger

Temperature drift

0.4°C/°C max.

Receiver element


Response speed

Approximately 300 ms at response rate of 63%

Operating temperature

-25 to 70°C (with no icing or condensation)

Allowable ambient humidity

35 to 85%

Degree of protection


Size in mm

head: 17.8 dia.×44.5 (screw M18×1.0),
cable 3,000

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