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Inspection solutions boost production quality

Your brand reputation as a manufacturer is key, but can be negatively affected in many ways.

With smart automation choices we can help to dramatically reduce the risk of your reputation being damaged due to shipping a faulty product (recalls).

Vision systems

Our vision systems are widely used in the food & drinks sector and can monitor most aspects of production, giving producers the opportunity to address and resolve a problem before costly wasted production occurs. These advanced systems read and verify codes in any format across the entire production process. From raw materials, primary and secondary, to tertiary packaging, providing confidence throughout the aggregation process.

Automate to minimise food product recalls

The amount of product recalls leapt up during 2015. Robert Brooks argues that effective and integrated plant automation can play a lead role in minimising those costly and damaging recalls.

Food industry product recalls in the UK are a major headache for manufacturers, and one which is not about to vanish. Reports suggest that recalls in 2015 actually increased by 80% to 159*. The damage is reputational as well as financial.

While the majority of recalls are triggered by unlisted ingredients (including allergens), contamination with bacteria, metal and other foreign bodies was also responsible for many cases.

Manufacturers need to be aware of the impact on labelling and pack accuracy of current production trends. Shorter runs of multiple variants, reformulated versions of established products and redesigned packaging can all lead to mistakes being made.

Retailer and third-party standards will probably dictate levels of off-line testing and inline contaminant detection, but in these and other areas, they are constantly evolving. Manufacturers must keep abreast of these changes, as well as the implications of the Food Information to Consumers (FIC) regulation, with its new and very specific rules for on-pack information.

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Inspection solutions

omag 420 x 300 sol

Keep an eye on the expiry date!

A state-of-the-art packaging machine that is compact, reliable, full of innovative features and whose parts are all easily accessible. Read about the features of the new line of stick packaging machines, designed by Omag in collaboration with Omron for the manufacture of Dompé's drug, "Okitask".

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Serialization realized for pharma producers, re-packers and CMO's

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturer

How did a contract manufacturer supply 1,000,000 serialized packages for multiple pharmaceutical customers with varying standards and procedures… and within a network of multiple production sites, contract manufacturers, re-packers and other service providers – and all according to the expected EU regulations to centrally register all the unique codes?

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Why Omron?

Smart factories with efficient and fully connected supply chains are critical to manufacturing innovation, opening up new market possibilities and enabling you to be more responsive to customer driven trends. Our complete portfolio is built and can be adapted to your evolving manufacturing landscape.

Integrated, Intelligent and interactive

Our solutions are developed under the umbrella of Omron’s unified concept - the Three ‘i’s of Automation -integrated, intelligent and interactive.

  1. The Connected factory - seamlessly integrating machine automation and corporate IT to generate, collect and exchange relevant data 
  2. The Smart factory – enabling intelligent data analysis and evaluation capabilities to realise predictive maintenance, process improvements and a reduction in resources, energy and waste
  3. The Collaborative factory - further enhancing the interaction between humans and machines, combining the intuitive, flexible, knowledgeable and adaptive capabilities of humans with the repeatability, accuracy, strength, speed, autonomy and connectivity capabilities of machines

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System Integrator network

Omron have a strong System Integrator network in order to develop a whole range of solutions; reducing costs, making processes more efficient and increasing productivity in any application of Food & Beverage project. Within our network, we can align you with System Integrator partners with relevant experience in the field, and a local presence in your market.