Energy efficiency

In order to match with regulatory frameworks and to fulfill the end users requirements, it’s needed for machine builders to integrate advanced energy management systems into machine automation control. That’s why we have the ability to provide you with Energy saving solutions, which meet standards.

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Photovoltaic solutions

We offer the technology, support and knowledge to help increase your photovoltaic power generation. Whether you are designing a new system or improving an existing installation, we have the photovoltaic solutions to help optimise your solar plant.

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Energy monitoring

Understanding energy usage is the first step in becoming energy efficient. Explore hardware and software solutions that expose energy waste deep within your system to target devices that consume excess power.

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Energy saving

Explore new solutions that offer energy savings without sacrifice to performance or functionality. Realise higher energy efficiency while benefiting from increased system performance.

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Our cooperation with the ‘On Energy Project’

In the past few years, the Italian PV installation company “On Energy Project” has built more than 400 solar plants, and currently manages about 600. It also supports our after sales service for customers who have lost their technical reference. Not surprisingly, this growth and business success by On Energy Project has been built by creating a reputation for installation reliability and performance.

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10% more output than expected

In April 2010, Sicily’s San Gabriele PV power station ramped up production and started contributing to the nation’s national grid. And thanks to our KP100L inverters and the highly professional maintenance operation, the total energy output was substantially more than the predicted for this 4MWp plant. 5 years on, and the overall plant’s productivity is still around 7 to 11% more than those original expectations.

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Global certifications body backs our PID solutions

Extensive testing by the independent body, TÜV Rheinland Italia, confirms the excellent performance of our PID solutions. Using our PID solutions, TÜV’s engineers have taken several PV panels that were dramatically underperforming and restored them to very near the power output stated by the panel manufacturers. 

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