Smart Project 2013

In the wake of last year, again a great success for the finals of the sixth edition of the Trofeo Omron Smart Project, held for the second time in a row in Rome, at the headquarters of the Ministry of Education, University and Research, Rome.

The winners of this year are Mark Plessi ITIS Levi Vignola for the student category, Bruno Biagini and David Angrilli among the teachers, and the school is the first place ITIS Horns of Modena. Students Bear Matthew and Luke Pagnon win the prize instead Giorgio Barilari (better exposure of the project).

Final standings



  1. Marco Plessi, ITIS Levi (Vignola); Scholarship from €. 600.00
  2. Antonello D’Aria, ITIS Pentasuglia (Matera); Scholarship from €. 400.00
  3. Emilio Tria, ITIS Pentasuglia (Matera); Scholarship from €. 200.00



  1. ITIS Corni, Modena (MO). Lecturer: Prof. Claudio Ferrari; Students: Joshua Di Marzo, Riccardo Vladimiro Troncon.
  2. ITIS Pentasuglia, Matera (MT). Lecturer: Prof. Michele Centonze; Students: Antonello D’Aria, Emilio Tria, Vito Bongermino, Eustachio Coretti.
  3. ITIS Levi, Vignola (MO). Lecturer: Prof. Fausto Odorici; Students: Marco Plessi, Francesco Pellegrini.

The winning schools were honored to be chosen among the following configurations:

  • Award Systems (5 CP1L Starter Kit)
  • Automation Award (2 CP1L Starter Kit, 2 MX2 Value Pack, 1 NB Starter Kit)
  • Industrial Awardl (1 CP1L Starter Kit, 1 MX2 Value Pack, 1 NB Starter Kit, 1 E5CC Starter Kit, 1 E3FA Demo Case)


Category winners Experts

1. Prof. Bruno Biagini, ITTS rings (Pistoia) Project: Mechanical Arm with Self-Learning

2. Prof. Claudio Ferrari, ITIS Horns (Modena) Project: Warehouse Vertical Basement

2. Prof. Michele Centonze, ITIS Pentasuglia (Matera); Progetto: Incartonatrice

Vincitori categoria Promesse

  1. Prof. Davide Angrilli, ITIS Volta (Pescara) Project: Mechanical Arm
  2. Prof. Andrea Grilli, IPSIA Cavour-Marconi (Perugia) Project: Interlocking System for Palletizi
  3. Prof. Andrea Minghi, ITIS Galilei (Carrara) Project: System Automation for Parking

The top three teachers per class received a prize purse of professional skin of a famous brand of leather goods.

Award Giorgio Barilari


  1. Matteo Orso and Luke Pagnon, ITIS Fermi (Bassano del Grappa). Project: Plant for the Control sample weight bottles

Matteo and Luke, the protagonists of the best exposure of your project, they received a prize in seedling USB power solare. Premio George Barilari