Sysmac Automation Platform

Sysmac is the latest machine automation platform from Omron with integration throughout: from controller to software.

The guiding principles behind the Sysmac automation platform are:
  • One control for the entire machine or production cell
  • Harmony between machine and people
  • Open communication and open programming standards.
The result: a powerful and robust automation platform with a new Machine Automation Controller, that integrates motion, sequencing, safety, networking and vision inspection, a new software (Sysmac Studio), that includes configuration, programming, simulation and monitoring and a fast machine network (EtherCAT) to control motion, safety, vision, sensors and actuators.

Sysmac Automation Platform

Since 1971 Sysmac has been used on PLCs, and has conveyed the Omron principles of reliability, robustness and fast control. Today we expand these principles across the whole machine.

Fastest Machine Network: To achieve the accuracy and predictability required by today’s machines, Omron selected EtherCAT, the fastest machine network. This is not only for motion, but IO, Safety and Vision. This gives a huge benefit to the customer simplifying the cabling and delivering astonishing performance.
Intel Architecture: Traditional ASIC based PLCs take time to develop and are not easy to change quickly. Sysmac uses an Intel® Atom™ or Core™ i7 processor and Real Time Operating System (RTOS) to shorten the development time and accelerate the ability to respond to new requirements. Performance can easily be scaled to suit the machine, without changing the design.
The scope of the Sysmac Platform from data to machine

Integrating motion, sequencing, vision and networks in ONE machine controller gives you complete control over the entire machine with high performance and easy operation.

Key Controller Features

  • EtherNet/IP and EtherCAT ports embedded
  • Standard IEC 61131-3 programming
  • Certified PLCopen Function Blocks for Motion Control
  • Global standards CE, cULus, NK, LR

Machine Control Features

  • Seamless integration of Logic and Motion
  • Synchronous control of all machine network devices
  • Backwards compatibility with most CJ PLC-series modules

Motion Control Features

  • Control up to 256 axes of motion
  • Linear and circular interpolation
  • Electronic cam and gearing

EtherCAT is the fastest emerging network for machine automation. It’s fast, accurate and highly efficient for the total machine.

Key EtherCAT features

  • Industrial Ethernet using standard IEEE 802.3 frames
  • High synchronization accuracy by using a distributed clock mechanism
  • The fastest network on the market with 100 μs refresh time and less than 1 μs jitter
  • Simple to set up with automatic address assignment for nodes
  • Uses standard Ethernet cables and connectors
  • Flexible Network Topology
  • On-the-Fly data exchange with slave devices for high throughput
  • Supports up to 512 slaves
  • Control Omron Servos, Inverters, Vision Systems, Robots, Distributed I/O, Safety, Sensors and more

One connection via the machine controller allows seamless control and communication with both the machine and the factory.
The Sysmac machine controllers join the world standard factory automation network, EtherNet/IP, with the best Ethernet-based machine control network, EtherCAT.

Key Ethernet/IP Features

  • Peer-to-Peer controller communication
  • Interface with NA HMI series or SCADA software
  • Database connection for MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, IBM DB2 and Firebird
  • FTP
  • Support MATLAB/Simulink simulation software

One software to control and configure the entire machine via a single connection gives you the power and efficiency to develop and create like never before.

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  • One software for logic, motion, safety, drives, vision and HMI
  • Fully compliant with the open standard IEC 61131-3
  • One consistent design environment
Develop it fast
  • Supports Ladder, Structured Text and Function Block programming with a comprehensive instruction set
  • Graphical CAM editor for easy development and programming of complex motion profiles
  • Intuitive editor with auto-complete assistance for Ladder and Structured Text programming
Test it as one
  • One simulation tool for sequence and motion in a 3D environment
  • Complete or partial program can be simulated and debugged
  • Data trending for tuning and debugging
  • Emulation of all Sysmac controllers functions
Secure it all
  • Advanced security function with 32 digit security password
  • Complete project or single Function Block can be protected (available in Sysmac Studio above v1.)
  • Machine cloning prevention
  • One Intuitive Interface


What our customers think

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    Omron Kusatsu factory adopted an easy-to-use solution that enables real-time tracing of a product through all the manufacturing processes, and provides visualization to analyze where improvements can be made. Learn more

    Machine controller achieves two-way database communication

    International print system manufacturer Ricoh is set to create links between its UK toner cartridge production and refill operations and a factory-level database, using Omron control technology to allow two-way real-time communications for the first time. Learn more
  • From wood to window frames in 60 seconds

    Thanks to our Sysmac platform, Working Process S.r.l., located in Niviano of Rivergaro, a few kilometers from Piacenza in Italy, achieved the goal of revolutionising the methodology of machining wooden frames, using a single automated line, and all completed in accordance with the relevant safety standards. Learn more

    Omron control powers die-cutting versatility in food & beverage

    “With our new DF350SR system, label converters handling short and long runs can switch between semi-rotary and full rotary mode, with a changeover time of only 10 minutes. By using Omron’s NJ controller, we have produced a powerful and flexible piece of kit, which effectively works as several machines in one.”  Daco Solutions Managing Director Dave Beynon Learn more
  • Roll grinding made easy [video]

    A control system based on products from Omron is helping machine-tool expert Halifax Numerical Controls (HNC) to achieve success in the UK and around the world in the fiercely competitive market for roll grinders for rubber-coated rollers. Learn more

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