PVremote Pro


Advanced diagnostic monitoring

The PVremote Pro enables you to monitor the status of your photovoltaic plants from anywhere. You can keep an eye on your production data and get the most advanced diagnostic system thanks to the in-depth measurement of several parameters.

  • .csv file downloadable for further investigation
  • Customizable email notification system
  • Calculation of CO2 saved
  • Energy efficiency optimization
  • Scalable, compact and reliable hardware
  • Easy to integrate into any existing network
  • Compressed data-package to save communication costs
  • Flexibility of settings

Multi communication is also possible due to the standard CJ2M CPU Unit.


Ready for Feed-in-Tariffs advanced programs

The feed-in-tariff is a policy mechanism designed to accelerate investment in renewable energy technologies environment. It achieves this by offering long-term contracts to renewable energy producers, typically based on the cost of generation of each technology. Some technologies however have been raised to a very high technical level consisting of latest smart-grid features. To ensure the perfect matching with such technical evolution we have designed the PVremote Pro with advanced features to encourage customers and users to the adoption of Omron's latest technologies supporting long-term contracts and helping financial investments in renewable energies.


Big display functionality

The big display functionality allow the users to better display, monitor and advertize the parameters of their plants.


Your support to energy innovation

By adopting PVremote Pro you will access to the most advanced system ready for your energy management system


The PVremote Pro is a modular system that provides acquisition and monitoring of solar energy production data from every remote location. Its scalable hardware architecture allows any users to setup the power plant accessibility with the most advanced diagnostics features. The heart of this programming is powered by CX-One software library.

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E52-ES TPCPAN -3010-50-B

PV panel temperature has big influence on PV power production. On the other hand, when PV cell is producing, it heats up. By applying a temperature sensor on the back side of the PV module you can investigate any eventual deviations from the expected yield.

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