Industrial 6 mm “slim” SSR which is G2RV compatible

As well as being slim and thus saving panel space, G3RV relays are very strong, have a large contact area and non-bendable pins. Connection to a PLC is easy and achieved faultlessly in a few seconds via click connectors. In addition, power switching in G3RV relays with DC outputs is managed by a MOSFET in the output, which has ideal heat dissipation characteristics.

  • G2RV compatible
  • LED indicator built in SSR
  • Push-in plus technology and accessories for easy wiring
Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information

Input rated voltage

Output rated voltage

Output load voltage range

Output load current


Order code

Push-In plus wiring

Screw wiring

12 DC

5 to 24 VDC

3 to 26.4 VDC

100 μA to 3 A
(Ambient temperature = 25°C)


G3RV-SR500-D DC12

G3RV-SR700-D DC12

24 DC

G3RV-SR500-D DC24

G3RV-SR700-D DC24

100 AC

G3RV-SR500-D AC100

G3RV-SR700-D AC100

110 AC

G3RV-SR500-D AC110

G3RV-SR700-D AC110

200 AC

G3RV-SR500-D AC200

G3RV-SR700-D AC200

230 AC

G3RV-SR500-D AC230

G3RV-SR700-D AC230

24 AC/DC

G3RV-SR500-D AC/DC24

G3RV-SR700-D AC/DC24

48 AC/DC

G3RV-SR500-D AC/DC48

G3RV-SR700-D AC/DC48

12 DC

100 to 240 VAC
(50/60 Hz)

75 to 264 VAC
(50/60 Hz)

0.1 to 2 A
(Ambient temperature = 25°C)

With zero-cross

G3RV-SR500-A DC12

G3RV-SR700-A DC12

24 DC

G3RV-SR500-A DC24

G3RV-SR700-A DC24

100 AC

G3RV-SR500-A AC100

G3RV-SR700-A AC100

110 AC

G3RV-SR500-A AC110

G3RV-SR700-A AC110

200 AC

G3RV-SR500-A AC200

G3RV-SR700-A AC200

230 AC

G3RV-SR500-A AC230

G3RV-SR700-A AC230

24 AC/DC

G3RV-SR500-A AC/DC24

G3RV-SR700-A AC/DC24

48 AC/DC

G3RV-SR500-A AC/DC48

G3RV-SR700-A AC/DC48

12 DC

Without zero cross

G3RV-SR500-AL DC12

G3RV-SR700-AL DC12

24 DC

G3RV-SR500-AL DC24

G3RV-SR700-AL DC24

100 AC

G3RV-SR500-AL AC100

G3RV-SR700-AL AC100

110 AC

G3RV-SR500-AL AC110

G3RV-SR700-AL AC110

200 AC

G3RV-SR500-AL AC200

G3RV-SR700-AL AC200

230 AC

G3RV-SR500-AL AC230

G3RV-SR700-AL AC230

24 AC/DC



48 AC/DC




Further more information on the line-up and specifications of accessories, please enter “R427” in the search field on our website industrial.omron.eu


Order code



Output element



Output ON voltage drop

1.6 V rms max.

0.9 V max.

Leakage current

5 mA max. (at 200 VAC 50/60 Hz)

10 µA max. (at 24 VDC)

Operating indicator


Ambient temperature


-30~+100°C (with no icing or condensation)


-30~+55°C (with no icing or condensation)

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