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The only truly industrial 6 mm relay

Having been designed from first principles, instead of being adapted from a PCB relay, Omron’s G2RV series is the only genuine slim industrial relay on the market. As a result, the G2RV offers a wide array of benefits to machine manufacturers and panel builders. Just 6mm wide, the relay is ideal for compact panels and equipment, yet it offers all of the durability and reliability required for industrial applications.

  • Push-in plus Technology – easy wiring
  • Lockable test switch models available
  • Large plug-in pins – excellent connection
  • LED/mechanical flag – check operation
  • Transparent housing – check condition
  • Slim outline – space saving
  • Special input type with gold plated contacts
  • G3RV compatible



Broad, flat blade terminals ensure good unbendable connections for up to 6A switching or 440V. At only 6mm wide, space required for multiple contacts is reduced.
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Operation indicators

Operation indicators

Operation indicators for both coil (green LED on base) and contact (red mechanical flag in relay) reduce potential down time by showing the relay is operating correctly.
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The quick release mechanism ensures the relay is lifted clear of surrounding relays making replacement quick and easy. No tools are required to hold or 'pull' the relay from the socket.
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Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information


Input voltage

Order code

Screw terminals

Push-in plus terminals

Standard type without lockable test switch

12 VDC

G2RV-SR700 DC12

G2RV-SR500 DC12

24 VDC

G2RV-SR700 DC24

G2RV-SR500 DC24


G2RV-SR700 AC/DC24

G2RV-SR500 AC/DC24


G2RV-SR700 AC/DC48

G2RV-SR500 AC/DC48

100 VAC

G2RV-SR700 AC100

G2RV-SR500 AC100

110 VAC

G2RV-SR700 AC110

G2RV-SR500 AC110

200 VAC

G2RV-SR700 AC200

G2RV-SR500 AC200

230 VAC

G2RV-SR700 AC230

G2RV-SR500 AC230

Standard type with lockable test switch

24 VDC

G2RV-SR701 DC24

G2RV-SR501 DC24


G2RV-SR701 AC/DC24

G2RV-SR501 AC/DC24

Input type

12 VDC

G2RV-SR700-AP DC12

G2RV-SR500-AP DC12

24 VDC

G2RV-SR700-AP DC24

G2RV-SR500-AP DC24







100 VAC

G2RV-SR700-AP AC100

G2RV-SR500-AP AC100

110 VAC

G2RV-SR700-AP AC110

G2RV-SR500-AP AC110

200 VAC

G2RV-SR700-AP AC200

G2RV-SR500-AP AC200

230 VAC

G2RV-SR700-AP AC230

G2RV-SR500-AP AC230

Accessories and Interface cables

Further more information on the line-up and specifications of accessories, please enter “R226” in the search field on our website industrial.omron.eu


Coil ratings


Standard type

Input type1

Contact form


Input voltage

12, 24 VDC, 24, 48 VAC/VDC, 110, 230 VAC

Rated load

6 A at 250 VAC

6 A at 30 VDC

50 mA at 30 VAC

50 mA at 36 VDC

Max. switching voltage

440 VAC, 125 VDC

30 VAC, 36 VDC

Max. switching current

6 A

50 mA

Max. switching power

1,500 VA/180 W (resistive load)

Min. permissible load

10 mA at 5 VDC

1 mA at 100 mVDC

Mechanical durability

5 Million operations min.

Electrical durability (rated load)

100 K operations (typical)
NO contact: 70.000 operations min.
NC contact: 50.000operations min.

5 Million operations min.

Dielectric strength

4,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between coil and contacts;

1,000 VAC, 50/60 Hz for 1 min between contacts of same polarity

Ambient temperature

-40 to 55°C (with no icing condensation)

Approved standards

UL, IEC/VDE, Lloyd's, and CE marking

Size in mm (H×W×D)


1. If a gold layer is destroyed, contact ratings of standard type are applicable

1. If a gold layer is destroyed, contact ratings of standard type are applicable

Push-in plus socket


I/O relay terminals with 16 points and Push-In Plus technology blocks to downsize control panels and save labor

G2RV industrial relay is now available with unique lockable test-switch

Designed for intelligent automation in the Smart Factory of the future – we have taken the G2RV industrial relay series to the next level. This new addition to the G2RV series of relays has a patented lockable test-switch mechanism that enables operators and engineers to test the functionality of a panel, machine or system, or to simulate an actuator when one or more modules are offline or have been removed.

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