E52-ES TPCPAN -3010-50-B


Back Panel temperature sensor for your PV plant

PV panel temperature has big influence on PV power production. On the other hand, when PV cell is producing, it heats up. By applying a temperature sensor on the back side of the PV module you can investigate any eventual deviations from the expected yield. Its flat shape and compact size allow easy installation also in the most difficult conditions of BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaic).

  • PT100 sensor according to standard IEC 751
  • Precision Class B
  • Perfectly suitable for outdoor installations because IP67
  • Wide temperature range: - 50… 200°C
  • Shape specifically designed and optimized to be used on the back side of PV modules
  • Fully compatible with Omron’s CJ1W-AD04U(SL)-NL (PLC Universal Input Unit, Screwless)
  • Recommended with Advanced PVremote Pro, the Omron monitoring system
  • Alternative usages are possible, if it is needed to monitor temperature of critical components (inverter room, transformers, etc…)

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