2-in-1 digital fiber amplifier

E3X-MDA incorporates 2 digital fiber amplifiers in one slimline housing. For applications requiring the detection of two objects simultanously the E3X-MDA provides an easy to use operation saving space and set-up time.

  • Two digital amplifiers in one slimline housing
  • Twin output models – on/off or area (between two threshold values)
  • Signal comparison functions (AND, OR, etc.)

Logic operations without PLC

Logic operations withour PLC.jpg

The AND and OR functionality for the two fiber channels allows simple signal processing without the need for a PLC. This allows the addition of sensor checks to machines without reprogramming the PLC.

Space & cost reduction

Space and cost reduction.jpg

The 2 in 1 amplifier replaces two standard amplifiers reducing space requirements and hardware cost.

Specifications & ordering info

Ordering information




Order code

NPN output

PNP output


AND/OR output



Fiber amplifier connector1

AND/OR output



Fiber amplifier connectors




Order code


Fiber amplifier

2 m PVC cable



30 cm PVC cable with M12 plug connector (4 pin)

E3X-CN21-M1J 0.3M

30 cm PVC cable with M8 plug connector (4 pin)

E3X-CN21-M3J-2 0.3M




Light source (wave length)

Red LED (650 nm)

Power supply voltage

12 to 24 VDC±10%, ripple (p-p) 10% max.

Protective circuits

Power supply reverse polarity protection, output short-circuit protection, mutual interference prevention

Response time

Super-high-speed mode

130 µs for operation and reset respectively

Standard mode

1 ms for operation and reset respectively

High-resolution mode

4 ms for operation and reset respectively

Sensitivity setting

Teaching and digital up/down keys


Power tuning

Light emission power and reception gain, digital control method

Timer function

Select from OFF-delay, ON-delay, or one-shot timer.
1 ms to 5 s (1 to 20 ms set in 1-ms increments, 20 to 200 ms set in 10-ms increments,
200 ms to 1 s set in 100-ms increments, and 1 to 5 s set in 1 s-increments)

I/O settings

Output setting (select from channel 2 output, AND, OR, leading edge sync, falling edge sync, or differential output)

Digital displays

Select from the following: Incident level for channel 1 + incident level for channel 2, Incident level + threshold, incident level percentage + threshold, incident light peak level + no incident light bottom level, minimum incident light peak level + maximum no incident light bottom level, long bar display, incident level + peak hold, incident level + channel

Degree of protection

IEC 60529 IP50 (with protective cover attached)


1. Order connector separately.
1. Order connector separately.

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