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Sysmac Studio CX-One Trajexia Studio
Sysmac Studio CX-One Trajexia Studio
Sysmac Studio is the true Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for the Omron Sysmac Platform - bringing together Logic, Motion, and Vision. CX-One software is the total solution to configure and program your Omron devices Trajexia Studio is a software package designed to make your motion control programming clear, simple and fast
Sysmac NJ-Series; Servos & Drives; Vision; Networks All CS, CJ, CP PLCs, All NS terminals, All Trajexia Trajexia MC04, MC16 and MCH72
IDE for Logic, Motion, and Vision; Drag-and-Drop EtherCAT network configuration; CAM Profiles; Direct Ethernet Connection SFC & full ST support in CS/CJ PLCs An easy overview of parameters including filters to show values that are: Different from default; Different from inverter; Invalid setting
3D Simulation; Integrated Vision Camera Setup; Single License to Manage; Free Online AutoUpdates Integrated Simulation; Backup and Restore; Online Edit Intelliprompt editing; High speed data trace; Integrated drive configuration