There’s more to Omron relays than meets the eye…

February 01, 2012

Although relays are often viewed as rather basic elements, their role is crucial to the trouble-free running of a plant and the technology behind them is far from simple. Omron has been designing and manufacturing relays for well over 50 years and has grown to become the world’s largest single-brand relay manufacturer. We are constantly innovating and looking for market trends such as hybrid car battery switching.

Uncompromising high quality

Omron doesn’t compromise when it comes to design and raw material selection. This means that every relay should work perfectly for at least 1.3 times the number of specified operations. For instance, due to its superior design our 6 mm G2RV relay offers double the lifespan compared to average 6 mm relays (6A; 250VAC NC/NO).

Flexibility to match your needs

Thanks to a pin-compatible line-up of both electro-mechanical relays (EMRs) and solid state relays (SSRs), there will always be a ready-made Omron solution to match your needs. And if the standard general purpose MY-S relay doesn’t suit your needs, Omron also offers a hermetically sealed, PCB terminal and latching version as well as an identical model with bifurcated contacts suitable for switching low-level signals.

Fault-free connectivity every time

The introduction of smaller-sized, high-power relays for use as PLC interfaces revolutionized the field of industrial automation. In addition, wiring systems have been introduced eliminating concerns such as the availability of personnel and wiring mistakes. With the G2RV industrial interfacing solution, you can interface the relays to any PLC by following three quick and simple steps.
We produce in excess of 800 million relays a year managed by our state-of-the-art facility in Japan, which is large enough to cover 30 football fields. Approximately 7,000 employees (from our entire workforce of 36,000) are active within the area of relays at five dedicated production centres, including Kumamoto, which is our main production plant and headquarters. The outstanding performance of our relays is the result of careful design considerations and our complete commitment to quality.

More information

For further information on our extensive industial relay range and a free copy of our Industrial Relays brochure, please contact your sales representative.
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